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Athletes participating in the Elite Air Pole Vault program are also recommended to set up a training program with Elite Speed Sports Performance. Elite Speed’s pole vault specific training programs use speed, plyometrics, mobility, and anatomical correction parameters to improve power and performance. Through the Elite Air program, our athletes are analyzed, and specific biomechanical efficiencies and deficiencies are identified. The in-house combination of Elite Air Pole Vault with Elite Speed allows greater communication between strength coaches and sport-specific coaches. While the Elite Speed trainers develop speed, balance, and bodily awareness, the Elite Air coaches will have immediate feedback on the effectiveness of certain training protocols. By combining Elite Air and Elite Speed training, the improvement of the athlete will be constantly communicated - from injury prevention to performance in the pole vault. No where else in Colorado will you get a more complete and high-end training experience, all within the same facility.

Above all, both of us focus on the development of each athlete’s character, confidence, and mental toughness. Changing an athlete’s physical dynamics is a main priority, but when we change the way they approach their sport, the ramifications are enormous!


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