Donate to Give Opportunities

Elite Air Pole Vault club's goal as a non-profit is to give an opportunity to individuals of all ages to learn and grow in the sport of the pole vault. We believe that if there were more access to poles, an indoor facility (because of weather in Colorado), training equipment, and access to good coaching, that we can reach more individuals and help start the journey of reaching possibly Olympic aspirations or help in obtaining an athletic scholarship for college.

Our goals that need your donation help:

  • Build an inventory of poles
    The one thing that we have seen across the country is that there is not a good availablity of the right poles for proper pole vault learning progression, especially at the high schools where they are financially limited for their track program. This leads to kids being turned away from the event, discourage, or even frustrated of not advancing because the lack of poles. Our goal is to build our own club stock inventory of pole vault poles, that can be checked out by the athlete and give that individual a chance for success.
  • Hire more coaches and have more availability practice times
    To grow and truly give more opportunies with availability do the pole vault, we need to have the finances to get more practice times at our training facility and also have the coaches needed that would be availble to fill those practice slots.
  • Maintain and acquire new equipment
    Not only are we wanting to make sure that our vaulters have access to pole vault training training equipment we also want to maintain a good working and level of quality for safety. Also, we would like to have the availability to host our own competition meets, which our equipment must meet USATF standards to be a fully sanctioned meet.

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