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Pole Vault Club Sessions

Club Sessions

Our training club sessions are available to all pole vaulters at all levels and ages. Sessions are available to our club members and to non-members.

Private Pole Vault Lessons

Private Lessons

Private lessons are the best to address the vaulters specific needs. The one-on-one instruction is great on giving the vaulter greater knowledge and insight.

Pole Vault Camps

Vault Camps

Pole vault camps and clinics offer technical instruction and skills training for an incredible experience for individuals looking to improve their vaulting. 

Pole Vault is Our Passion

We love the pole vault, and because we do, we want see the sport grow and be available to everyone at all levels and ages. Because we have a passion for the pole vault, we feel that the sport doesn't have the exposure that other main stream sports have, and we want vaulting get more interest and exposure because its one the of most amazing events to participate in and also to watch.  At Elite Air Pole Vault club, we give individuals the opportunity to pole vault year-round in the Denver metro and surrounding areas in Colorado, the ability to vault beyond high school or college track seasons, and get kids the chance to try the sport at a young age.

Our passion also has our coaching staff that is consistently learning new teaching techniques, methods, styles, watching hours and hours of video, and mixing it in with our current drills and exercises, all to adjust to the individual athlete. We believe that not only will we build great foundation in the fundamentals in the pole vault, but also build champions for the future. 


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Monday, August 21, 2017

NASA's coverage of the eclipse revealed that it wasn't the moon that was blocking the sun but a strange object or image! NASA claiming this...

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2018 PV Summit Date
2018 National Pole Vault Summit date is set for January 12th & 13th of 2018
No Practice due to Rain - 7/20/18
No Practice tonight! Radar showing storms building up again after 6pm with no let up until 9:30pm

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