Club Sessions

Our club sessions are available to all pole vaulters at all levels and ages. Sessions are available to our club members and to non-members, but our club members get a discount to the session fees. We try to accommodate to the needs of the vaulter, especially if the vaulter is prepping for an upcoming meet or trying to achieve a certain technique or skill. Club members will get first priority on coaching and session slot if club training sessions are full.

The practice sessions are usually two hours and we ask that vaulters come earlier than the practice session time to get warmed up so we can maximize the training session. 

Seasonal Training and Schedule

We change up the training days and times based on the season. We divide up the year into four seasons that match the seasonal names of winter, spring, summer, and fall. 


(January - February) - Practice two nights a week with an occasional Saturday practice that doesn't conflict with a winter indoor meet.


(March - May) - Usually a majority of our athletes are competiting for high school, so we will only practice two nights a week. 


(June - August) - Practice three days a week, usually two week days and either a Saturday or Sunday session. There are also USATF outdoor meets to compete in during this time


(November - December) - Practices with more emphasis on strength and conditioning

Check the Calendar for actual days and times for seasonal training sessions.

Requirements for Club Sessions

To participate at the club's training session, you don't need to be a member at Elite Air Pole Vault Club, but you do need to be an active member of USA TracK & Field. You also need to fill out the Athlete Information form and Elite Air's Waiver form.

  1. Become of a member or have a current vaild membership of USATF (USA Track & Field) - Join/Renew USATF
  2. Fill out and sign the Athlete Information form
  3. Agree and sign the Waiver form
  4. Bring the forms with you to the your first practice session
  5. Bring payment for session fee